Assistance in Managing the OFCCP Review Process

JSA assists clients during the Desk Audit according to the client’s needs. For some, our senior consultant may act as the company’s representative during the entire audit process. For others, a senior consultant is available by phone, FAX and/or e-mail to answer questions and help address questions and requests by the Department of Labor prior to an onsite review. Where appropriate, the consultant will review documents prior to submission pursuant to requests during the desk audit and give recommendations regarding their soundness and/or potential impact or liability.

In the latter example during onsite reviews, JSA is available by phone, FAX and/or e-mail regarding matters of concern to the client because of the nature of OFCCP's requests and/or procedure. When necessary, the consultant may have direct conversations with the Compliance Officer or other OFCCP representative to help clarify requests, obtain required documentation or reports and/or establish whether, in fact, the request is within the jurisdiction of OFCCP and its regulations.

Assistance in Negotiating Agreements with OFCCP

Some compliance reviews result in a Conciliation Agreement. If a senior JSA consultant is acting as the company’s representative, the consultant will work with the client to negotiate the agreement. In other cases, the client’s consultant is available to review findings, discuss alternatives and review wording of remedies as appropriate.

Mock Audits
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